"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently"

Day 14/60: Week 2 (Weigh IN) – I will take IT

Goooooooood morning my fellow readers. Today is a beautiful beautiful day – yes that’s right – it’s my weekly weigh in and this guy is excited. Now I wanted to show you the above video so you can get encouraged that any weight loss of FAT is a good weight loss indeed regardless of numbers…(now remember I am talking about fat and not muscles…

So before you check out my weekly weight loss – last week I had a target goal of 5 pounds – ambitious? yes; but compared to my initial weigh in and losing 14 pounds that first week ; I wasn’t expecting a big number.

Week 2 could have been better in some areas – the workouts were less because I got injured (hurt the side of my hip and back) falling off a horse who got spooked from a tractor. Don’t worry – everything’s in one piece and that horse is a lovely horse…well, because of the injury – I was out of the gym for about 3 days…but once I started feeling better – it was game on.

The highlight this past week was going on a waterfall hike. Yes, spring is coming up and it’s so beautiful (okay I seriously need to cool it on using the word beautiful so much)…well – I mean look at these pics from my hike:

600946_10200608082470418_749253151_n f08f9e0a-6fb0-4511-8e40-c1e59f514483_zpsffb0eaee


Palouse Falls, WA

The hike was about a mile each way: mixed with slippery rocks, narrow trails, and a cruel steep hill. However, it was worth the journey and had a good work out from it.

Well let me stop talking…and give you the numbers for the week…(Drum Roll Please)…..aaaand the Week 2 Weigh IN result is:


Week 2 Weigh IN

I lost 4.4 POUNDS

That comes up to a total of 19.2 pounds in 2 weeks. 

Next weeks goal? I am looking for 2 pounds. This next week is going to be tricky. I am leaving for LA on Wednesday and stopping by San Francisco in between. There is the temptation of fast food on the trip down – meeting with friends and going out to eat on the weekends – but I really have to not only be intentional but realistic – 2 pounds seems like a sensible goal….right?

I am still planning on taking a hike down in LA or San Francisco so that I can still remain active and plus the school has a gym – where I can workout on the weekend. So in other words – I have no excuse this week…

well week 3 – I will see you soon.

392d75ae-4a35-41fc-88e4-ec7ba09d52ee_zps406c5e3c (1)


One response

  1. Denise Morris

    BEAUTIFUL! Way to go, Ken! Still praying for you, brother!

    February 6, 2013 at 12:22 am

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