"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently"

Day 7/60 (Week 1) Weigh IN: It’s a BABY !!!


Let the weigh in begin

Welcome Welcome Welcome ! I am so excited for this weeks weigh in – if you can’t already tell. What a good week of beasting it out.

On day 1, you read how concerned I was in letting myself get this far. A change needed to happen and I knew how intentional I had to be in order to make that happen.

Here are some of the changes I had to make through out the week to begin my first weeks weight loss:

#1: Lot’s of water: For the past 5 months – I just got hooked on Soda – yes, I know – that sugar sweetened addictive beverage. Yeap! That’s been thrown out the door and have been replaced with my lovely gallon of water I carry around with me all the days. Go H2O

#2. Clean out the fridge: I had to re-evaluate what was in my fridge – well let’s just say there were not much in it to begin with – but I did go shopping and bought better choices of food – paying attention to calorie counts and how much I would need per day.

#3. Don’t Starve Myself: Pft. Don’t worry – I learned that years ago – starving does not work – matter fact it can make it worse – that can lead to over consumption later on…which can lead to a higher weight gain rending the starvation counter productive. What I actually did this week was space out my meals to 5 times a day keeping in mind portion control and would only take in what was needed to fuel a workout or activity for a couple of hours – without letting my body go in starvation mode.

#4: Supplements & Multivitamins: Oh man – I have learned my lesson in the last weight loss challenge in 2012. We want to burn fat and not eat muscle – I had to make sure of that. So recovery drinks (the right ones of course) and supplements to help preserve muscle and muscle re-building was imperative. Also multivitamins to replace those lost throughout the day needed also be emphatic.

#5. Being active: A friend once said that weight loss is 80 percent diet and 20 percent workout. I believe it – but I knew how crucial that 20 percent still is – and so I was intentional in making sure I was active through out the week – whether it’s helping out on the farm – running some miles – doing INSANITY at night or The Biggest Loser Cardio in the A.M – I still had to move my body – (I like to move it move it….I like to …… MOVE IT !! <—- okay enough of that)

#6. And lastly – Allow a cheat meal: I used to have this all-or-nothing attitude – but have come to the understanding that there are going to be bad days and that’s okay. So I cheated once – I had 1 small slice of pizza….let’s STOP right there for a moment – I did say ONE slice – meaning that even though I cheated – I didn’t throw in the towel and over ate – I just had a small piece (portion control – remember) – so if you want to cheat – go ahead – but keep in mind – don’t over do it! You still have work to do 😀

And now, here is the moment you have all been waiting for. Week 1’s weigh in – don’t be surprised – because of my drastic change this week – I expected a high number – Biggest Loser Status !!!

January 29, 2013Week 1 Weigh IN

January 29, 2013
Week 1 Weigh IN

Whoap !!!! Ladies and Gentlemen  – Week 1’s weigh in:

14.8 lbs


what does 14 pounds look like???


14 pound baby

Now that the baby’s out….week 2 – here I come 😀 Target weight loss goal – 5 pounds.

(Thanks for reading: leave a comment – please)

Oh and here is just another one of my covers I just recorded 😀


One response

  1. Denise Morris

    Well you certainly stuck to daily/hourly choices this past week! Man on man! Congratulations, Ken and there is no doubt you are going to conquer your goal.! Your word pictures are uh, drastic but certainly lend to reality!

    I have prayed for you daily AND for myself as I continue this awareness of getting healthier. To be honest, I haven’t weighed since I began with you but will do this on Thursday. Bob and I have amped up our workouts to 5-6 nights at the gym for cardio and weights. Sure feel better and have a lot more energy.

    Keep up the great work. YOU, my friend are an inspiration!

    January 30, 2013 at 4:49 pm

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