"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently"


Week 4: Weekly WEIGH IN – Get RID of the 90’s


Oh my goodness !!! YES! I am excited for this weeks weigh in. But before that – here are some changes I made just for this week.

#1 – I didn’t step foot in the GYM. I did not do any HIGH intensity workout this week.


#2 – I changed my DIET this week. Made most of the changes in the kitchen – changed my caloric intake (lower) – high on protein – raw food – more veggies: less carbs!


#3 –  I got a DOG !!! Yes – The first time I’ve ever got a pet for myself. He is 75 pounds – 3 and 1/2 years old and just a handful of goodness. He is a black lab and I’ve decided to call him “Banjo”


#4 – went for walks in the Park – and around he neighborhood every night. I even went to the Dog Park for the first time – whoap – what a weird experience – but Banjo loved it. I even walked 6 miles last night for a Subway Sandwich – yes with Banjo.


#5 – got good sleep and rest. What a difference it was to wake up at 6 in the morning for a walk and going to bed by 10-10:30 PM.


#6 – JUICING !! Yes ! it’s back – I add a juice in a meal most nights now. Ah – it’s so good to get back into juicing.


So that was my week. However this week is going to be a lot different in mixing things up….The juicing, sleeping well, walks will still remain the same…

BUT I will be adding more calories in the kitchen – still keeping carbs in check – I will also hit the gym a lot more – and PUSH PLAY on INSANITY – with P90X Cardio 3 days this week for Double Day Workouts…See you next week….oh yea – here are the results for this week [4] weigh IN –



WEEK 0: 318.8 POUNDS

Week 1: 304 POUNDS

Week 2: 299.6 POUNDS

Week 4: 288.6 POUNDS

30.2 POUNDS in 4 weeks !!! 

My target weight loss for this week is 2 pounds. WISH ME LUCK.


Day 14/60: Week 2 (Weigh IN) – I will take IT

Goooooooood morning my fellow readers. Today is a beautiful beautiful day – yes that’s right – it’s my weekly weigh in and this guy is excited. Now I wanted to show you the above video so you can get encouraged that any weight loss of FAT is a good weight loss indeed regardless of numbers…(now remember I am talking about fat and not muscles…

So before you check out my weekly weight loss – last week I had a target goal of 5 pounds – ambitious? yes; but compared to my initial weigh in and losing 14 pounds that first week ; I wasn’t expecting a big number.

Week 2 could have been better in some areas – the workouts were less because I got injured (hurt the side of my hip and back) falling off a horse who got spooked from a tractor. Don’t worry – everything’s in one piece and that horse is a lovely horse…well, because of the injury – I was out of the gym for about 3 days…but once I started feeling better – it was game on.

The highlight this past week was going on a waterfall hike. Yes, spring is coming up and it’s so beautiful (okay I seriously need to cool it on using the word beautiful so much)…well – I mean look at these pics from my hike:

600946_10200608082470418_749253151_n f08f9e0a-6fb0-4511-8e40-c1e59f514483_zpsffb0eaee


Palouse Falls, WA

The hike was about a mile each way: mixed with slippery rocks, narrow trails, and a cruel steep hill. However, it was worth the journey and had a good work out from it.

Well let me stop talking…and give you the numbers for the week…(Drum Roll Please)…..aaaand the Week 2 Weigh IN result is:


Week 2 Weigh IN

I lost 4.4 POUNDS

That comes up to a total of 19.2 pounds in 2 weeks. 

Next weeks goal? I am looking for 2 pounds. This next week is going to be tricky. I am leaving for LA on Wednesday and stopping by San Francisco in between. There is the temptation of fast food on the trip down – meeting with friends and going out to eat on the weekends – but I really have to not only be intentional but realistic – 2 pounds seems like a sensible goal….right?

I am still planning on taking a hike down in LA or San Francisco so that I can still remain active and plus the school has a gym – where I can workout on the weekend. So in other words – I have no excuse this week…

well week 3 – I will see you soon.

392d75ae-4a35-41fc-88e4-ec7ba09d52ee_zps406c5e3c (1)

Day 7/60 (Week 1) Weigh IN: It’s a BABY !!!


Let the weigh in begin

Welcome Welcome Welcome ! I am so excited for this weeks weigh in – if you can’t already tell. What a good week of beasting it out.

On day 1, you read how concerned I was in letting myself get this far. A change needed to happen and I knew how intentional I had to be in order to make that happen.

Here are some of the changes I had to make through out the week to begin my first weeks weight loss:

#1: Lot’s of water: For the past 5 months – I just got hooked on Soda – yes, I know – that sugar sweetened addictive beverage. Yeap! That’s been thrown out the door and have been replaced with my lovely gallon of water I carry around with me all the days. Go H2O

#2. Clean out the fridge: I had to re-evaluate what was in my fridge – well let’s just say there were not much in it to begin with – but I did go shopping and bought better choices of food – paying attention to calorie counts and how much I would need per day.

#3. Don’t Starve Myself: Pft. Don’t worry – I learned that years ago – starving does not work – matter fact it can make it worse – that can lead to over consumption later on…which can lead to a higher weight gain rending the starvation counter productive. What I actually did this week was space out my meals to 5 times a day keeping in mind portion control and would only take in what was needed to fuel a workout or activity for a couple of hours – without letting my body go in starvation mode.

#4: Supplements & Multivitamins: Oh man – I have learned my lesson in the last weight loss challenge in 2012. We want to burn fat and not eat muscle – I had to make sure of that. So recovery drinks (the right ones of course) and supplements to help preserve muscle and muscle re-building was imperative. Also multivitamins to replace those lost throughout the day needed also be emphatic.

#5. Being active: A friend once said that weight loss is 80 percent diet and 20 percent workout. I believe it – but I knew how crucial that 20 percent still is – and so I was intentional in making sure I was active through out the week – whether it’s helping out on the farm – running some miles – doing INSANITY at night or The Biggest Loser Cardio in the A.M – I still had to move my body – (I like to move it move it….I like to …… MOVE IT !! <—- okay enough of that)

#6. And lastly – Allow a cheat meal: I used to have this all-or-nothing attitude – but have come to the understanding that there are going to be bad days and that’s okay. So I cheated once – I had 1 small slice of pizza….let’s STOP right there for a moment – I did say ONE slice – meaning that even though I cheated – I didn’t throw in the towel and over ate – I just had a small piece (portion control – remember) – so if you want to cheat – go ahead – but keep in mind – don’t over do it! You still have work to do 😀

And now, here is the moment you have all been waiting for. Week 1’s weigh in – don’t be surprised – because of my drastic change this week – I expected a high number – Biggest Loser Status !!!

January 29, 2013Week 1 Weigh IN

January 29, 2013
Week 1 Weigh IN

Whoap !!!! Ladies and Gentlemen  – Week 1’s weigh in:

14.8 lbs


what does 14 pounds look like???


14 pound baby

Now that the baby’s out….week 2 – here I come 😀 Target weight loss goal – 5 pounds.

(Thanks for reading: leave a comment – please)

Oh and here is just another one of my covers I just recorded 😀

Day 2/60: I carry a whole woman on me everyday


Morning Workout:
Biggest LOSER Cardio

Body mass index (BMI) is the measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women.

The BMI Categories are as followers:

  • Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
  • Overweight = 25-29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Wonder where I fall right now? The Height I entered was 6 feet, 1 inches. The Weight I entered was 318 pounds. The resulted calculation comes to a

 BMI of: 42.0

Blue Cheese on an ICE-CREAM Sandwich! What does 42.0 BMI even look like?

Well, according to the States BMI chart, my results implies that I am about 120 pounds OVERWEIGHT with fat. That’s a whole person – I am literally carrying another person on me everyday – specifically a 5’5 inches – 120 pound Woman! That could be YOU!


It’s insane right? I mean, when you actually picture it in that context…right?

Risk Factors?

The following are risk factors of weighing too much. The more fatty tissues in your body, the more you and I are prone to health problems – problems such as:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • coronary heart disease and stroke
  • metabolic syndrome
  • certain types of cancer
  • sleep apnea
  • osteoarthritis
  • gallbladder disease
  • fatty liver disease
  • pregnancy complications

Well, I can mark one off the list – for me at least – cause I don’t think I am planning to get pregnant anytime soon.

So what did today look like?

It was such a good day. I woke up this morning on a mission – that [1] mission is to workout before breakfast: Oh, I got excited – I inserted The Biggest Loser Cardio workout and started rolling. Yeap – did a good 30 minutes of it. Made a good breakfast of Oatmeal and a protein shake – with multi-vitamins, fish oil and L-glutamine.

This afternoon, I decided to get some groceries – with the mindset of making good choices of course. Came home, had dinner and getting ready to do my evening workout: Oh wait for it – yes it’s….INSANITY.

Tonight’s PM Workout is: 

INSANITY: Plyo Cardio – Oh the mother of all workouts – and following that will be running some miles at Gold’s Gym.

Oh what a day. Dear Day 2 – you have been good to me. 2 days down – 58 more to go!


Next weigh in will be on January 29, 2013

60 Day Challenge: Day 1


318.8 lbs
January 21, 2012


I sat here trying to figure out how to start this blog. The reality is that I’ve been in this position many times before and it just seems too redundant. I messed up in the last 5 months – didn’t pay attention; wait scratch that – I actually did pay attention to what I was eating but didn’t care about it that much.

Here are some things I knew I was doing wrong but didn’t anyway:

– Carbo loaded late at night: I am talking about 2 or 3 in the morning.

– Bought high caloric entrees when I went out and binged as if I was starving.

– Didn’t get proper sleep

– stopped working out, running, walking, hiking

– Ate tubs of ice-cream to cope with stress.

What can I say: A lot has changed in the past 5 months – and I am back to where I started a year ago. Matter of fact, I am actually at a worse place then when I started: Here is an excerpt from one of my blogs on January 17, 2012

Just a little history on the weight issue: As of June 13, 2011 – I weighed a whopping 312 pounds and a BMI of 41.16. Ridiculous, I know. The feeling of sluggishness and embarrassment overwhelmed me. Of course one would ask “How did I get here” – evidently I knew exactly how that happened and it was simply binging on food. According to the BMI charts – I became Morbidly Obese and highly prone to weight related diseases and premature death. Since then, I have brought my BMI down to 36.83 moving from the Morbid Obesity category to Obese. The target BMI is 24.9 which brings me down to my ideal (normal) weight.

So my challenge is 25 days to lose a respectable amount of weight before developing a workout plan with our schools personal trainer. Simple?  Well its simply challenging and hey, I’m always down for a good challenge.

Well this is where I am at:

I am 6’1 – 279.2 lbs

BMI: 36.83


June 17, 2012

SO what can I say now that I already haven’t said a year ago…or the year before that? It’s rather sad actually but hey – it doesn’t hurt to keep trying right?

Here goes 60 days of getting back on track. And today – that meant getting back in the gym – yes THE GYM. And Oh, it was good to get back in there – laid 6.01 miles on the treadmill and reminded myself that it’s going to be okay…this next 60 days are gonna fly by quick – just have to stay focused.

So even in this sadness, I still have hope – hope to do what I have already accomplished before – hope to tear up this challenge with stronger purpose…hope to get back on the road to a healthy lifestyle…

Here we go……………..AGAIN !